About Us

R & B Cake Studio Ltd, is a German/ Mauritian Pastry shop, founded in the Year 2007 by the Pastry Chef couple Blek and Romy Ramdass.

Nestled in the heart of Lallmatie near the east coast of Mauritius it first opened its doors on 17th of Sepetember 07 and is known for the finest cake specialties found on the island.

Blak and Romy are award winning professionals with many years of international pastry experience.

R & B Cake Studio Ltd. is committed to provide superior quality bakery, pastries and wedding cakes. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with an unparalled product and experience. We constantly provide outstanding customer service and believe that customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We are dedicated to create a constantly evolving and extraordinary line of great- tasting, high quality desserts and food.

Innovation will always be essential to our success and cutting-edge products will always be our future. We treat pastry as an art to offer a complete and addicting culinary experience, wehre unique products made of qualit ingredients look as good as they taste, and personalize customer service to fully suit our ordinality, quality, and unique ability to make every cake special and spectacular.

Our reputation, experience, and techniques enable us to create the perfect cake for you. Choose from simple designs, to elaborate multi-tiered masterpieces!

All of our baked goods are still done the old-fashioned way… by hand, alot of love, and no convenience products.

Visit our Pastry and enjoy a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sweets while having Coffee or Lunch.

“We do what we love for a living”

Blek & Romy